Deep Log Analyzer – Web Site Hits and Visits Stats

Our efficient and practical web site hits and visits stats software – Deep Log Analyzer lets you keep track of the visitors to your web site with detailed statistics and deep analysis using an innovative user interface and helps you make your web site more effective.

Using Deep Log Analyzer you can view reports on accessed site’s resources, visitors’ activity and navigation, IP session statistics, sites that refer web traffic to you, search queries, search engine spiders, user browsers and operating systems, web server errors and much more.

Now with the help of web usage statistics report you are able to:

  • Determine quality of the navigation system of your web site.
  • Define how effective a certain referrer or page is.
  • Determine entry pages and exit pages.
  • Measure the ROI of your advertising campaigns.
  • Find out which referrer sends you the most sales.
  • See which keyword phrases are being used in search engines to find your web site.
  • Collect data about the operating systems, browsers of your visitors, IP session statistics.

Web site visitor behavior metrics software – Deep Log Analyzer allows you to explore the path your visitors take through your site. By understanding the way that visitors are navigating your site, you can optimize your web site to bring out the desirable results.

Web Site Referrers Reports

Find out which sites are linked to you and how much traffic they are sending to your web site. This can help when considering the most effective ways to attract visitors and the useful ways to catch the attention of new clients to your web site.

Take advantage of new web site referrers reports and see what specific pages of other web sites are sending traffic and visits to your web site. Find out which search engines are sending visitors to your site. A search engine referral occurs when a user clicks a link to your site.

We recommend that you review the web site hits and visits reports once a week. It may help you to correlate with your online marketing activities. Pay particular attention to the web usage statistics report and web site referrers reports, cause this will allow you to develop the perfect strategy for site improvements.

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Make sure your web site is working for you! Deep Log Analyzer is the easy-to-use and affordable web usage statistics report software that allows you to monitor your web site traffic and IP session statistics. Use the practical web site visitor behavior metrics program – Deep Log Analyzer to your advantage and improve the design and efficiency of your web site.