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What users say about Deep Log Analyzer

  • Your product is a major factor in our continued success. Deep Log Analyzer works without crashing, unlike some of the others, and it is also fast. You answer emails and support questions. That is wonderful. Many of the others don’t. The Deep Log user interface and panel is well done, easy to use, and full of very good options. All the way around Deep Log is a very very good product that you can be very proud of.

Gary Cooley, 2Cooleys.Com, USA

  • You have the best log software I have ever used. I own over 400 websites and have never had better stats then the ones you guys produce. I am telling everyone I know about Deep Software and how great it is!

Dan, USA

  • This seems to be exactly what I’ve been searching, and searching for! 🙂 I’ve been reading the newsgroups looking for this report, and I’ve run across a lot of other webmasters who are looking for the same thing. Fantastic support! Thank you!!


  • Also, just wanted to let you know, your software is a great package to use. I am an IT manager who just inherited the responsibility of analyzing the logs and your software has made this transition very easy. I thank you for that.


  • I think your programme is a very good one. Mostly I enjoy the open technique. It was a good idea to build the reports via standard sql-statements so that the user can create its own reports.

Alexander, Germany

  • It’s a wonderful product. I’m glad I stumbled across your website when searching for a tool to help me analyze our web traffic. The free download/trial period convinced me to test it out. The set up was simple; the standard reports are easy to read, and the ability to customize reports is a huge advantage.

Debbie Arion, EMX Inc., Vice President

  • You guys have a great product!

David, Director, USA

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