How to Track Web Site Visitors

Knowing how much traffic your site gets and which parts get more than the others, can be vitally important for understanding what people are getting from your web site. With a bit of analysis of your web logs, you could discover that people are using your site in a way you didn’t expect. Once you get a better idea of how people use your web site, you can begin to work on problem areas of your web page that most shoppers don’t get beyond.

So, if you’ve ever wondered how to track web site visitors, this is the web site visitor tracking solution for you – Deep Log Analyzer. In fact, if you’ve ever wondered how much traffic your site gets, then, Deep Log Analyzer is definitely the right measuring web site visitors software for you.

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Make sure your web site is working for you! Deep Log Analyzer is the easy-to-use and affordable web traffic analysis software that allows you to monitor your web site traffic and IP session statistics. Use this information to your advantage and improve the design and efficiency of your web site.

Web Site Visitor Tracking Solution – Deep Log Analyzer

Using Deep Log Analyzer you can view reports on accessed site’s resources, visitors’ activity and navigation, IP session statistics, sites that refer web traffic to you, search queries, search engine spiders, user browsers and operating systems, web server errors and much more.

Our web analytics and web site statistics software makes it easy to view how statistics changes over time and compare reports for different time periods.

Deep Log Analyzer Will Help You To:

  • Monitor the success of your web site in real time.
  • Measure the ROI of your advertising campaigns.
  • Find out which referrer sends you the most sales.
  • See which keyword phrases are being used in search engines to find your site.
  • Collect data about the operating systems, browsers of your visitors, IP session statistics.

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