Professional Web Log Analyzer – Deep Log Analyzer

How many different visitors came to your web site last month? Did they type in your URL directly or were they referred by a link on another web site? Are customers finding your site in the search engines? What keywords are they using? If you’ve got an e-commerce web site the professional web log analyzer software can even tell you which visitors are more likely to buy your product – analyzing the search phrases, web site traffic statistics and etc!

Our professional and practical web usage statistics program can answer all these questions and will give you the complete interpreting web statistics reports. Deep Log Analyzer is the irreplaceable tool for making precise and exact web site statistics. Our web log analyzer offers you a real-time web usage statistics, which will let to track the behavior of visitors on your web site while they are on your site.

Having useful, up-to-date web usage statistics is absolutely essential if you want your web site to serve as an effective marketing tool for your organization and your business. The web log analyzer is exactly what you need if you wish to get the precise and accurate web usage statistics. Download a free trial of our powerful web log analyzer – Deep Log Analyzer before you buy it!

Precise Web Usage Statistics

Most hosting companies offer some sort of stats program that is often difficult to use, difficult to interpret. Deep Log Analyzer software will provide you with the interpreting web statistics that easy to understand. Our web site statistics software produces easy-to-read HTML interpreting web statistics that include both text information (tables) and charts. You can now be fully informed who are visiting your site, what pages they are looking at, where they are coming from and much more statistics data any time you wish.

The professional web log analyzer allows you to generate unique reports for any of your current needs. Download a free trial of our powerful web site statistics software and try Deep Log Analyzer before you buy it!