Reliable and Accurate Web Site Traffic Reports

Maximizing the success of an e-commerce site requires answers to critical questions: Where are visitors coming from? How many visitors are accessing your site and what pages are they viewing? What search terms are visitors using in the search engines to find the web site and from what search engines? What visitors are viewing my site now? Without such information, Internet sales and marketing is hit-and-miss at best.

One of the most important aspects of online business is getting the reliable web site traffic report and making the right web site visitor analysis. You will be able to do this only by using the effective and practical web site traffic stats – Deep Log Analyzer. This software allows you to drill into the web site’s statistics quickly and easily to discover visitor tendencies.

Web Site Statistics Reports

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Deep Log Analyzer is advanced and affordable web site statistics program for small and medium size web sites. You can analyze web site visitors’ behavior and get complete web site usage statistics in easy way!

Deep Log Analyzer goes beyond the basic hit counter. These include showing where a site’s traffic originated – such as which search engines or other referring sites are the most common entries – and what keywords tended to attract the most visitors. The web site traffic report, provided by Deep Log Analyzer will also show where visitors go within the web site during each session, revealing frequently requested pages.

Web Site Statistics Report

The comprehensive traffic report on a web site will tell you all the things you need to know about your online business, without going through the technical headaches of doing it yourself. Using our new program for making web site traffic reports you will be able to improve traffic to your web site, improve the structure of the web site and increase your profits.

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