Reliable Site Statistics Program

If you have ever though about your web site’s performance and its effectiveness, our site statistic program Deep Log Analyzer will be the right choice for you. The main goal of webmasters, Internet marketers and IT managers is to organize and optimize their web site as efficiently as it is possible and web analytics and site statistics program will allow you to make this.

The critical for all of your Internet marketing programs, being it either search engine optimization or PPC advertising, is the visitor’s behavior and their actions and the web site traffic analyzer program will give you the opportunity to find out the complete tracking of visitor’s stream that will provide you with valuable data on how your site’s conversions could be improved.

Deep Log Analyzer software for web analytics will offer you comprehensive range of accurate reports, that reflect such facts as daily, weekly, monthly visitor’s tracking, you will find out how did they come to your site, how long did they stay there, what search engines were used, keywords typed, etc.

Our web analytics software for Windows let analyze web server log files and display the reliable information about the visitor’s geographical position, the precise time of visiting, what pages are the most and the least popular. Finding out this observational data with Deep Log Analyzer site statistics program will allow you to optimize your web site’s performance and will give you the right idea of what can be improved.

High-speed processing, built-in IP mapping, web analytics and marketing functions can satisfy all of your needs and let you make the right decision on improving the productivity of your site!