Statistics of Web Site

Knowing the statistics of web site is extremely important for the effective and successful site’s performance, because being aware of the visitor’s activity is for your advantage. The Deep Log Analyzer web site traffic stats software provides you with interactive reports that contain exhaustive web site usage statistics about visitor’s click stream behavior, their geographical location, browser, operating system and many other features.

Web statistics for web site by Deep Log Analyzer will provide you also with the graphical charts that will harmoniously accompany the report and reflect visitor’s behavior more clearly. All the reports of web site usage stats are generated from log files, located on the server, and that are the best and the most accurate source of statistics data.

The reliable, advanced and affordable statistics of web site lets you not only to keep track of daily, weekly and monthly visitor’s stream, but also measure this process for your convenience. That’s why you will be able to modify and optimize your site’s performance, taking into account the reliable data of web statistics for web site.

By using the Deep Log Analyzer web site traffic stats software you have the opportunity to estimate the effectiveness of your web site marketing, distributing and advertising programs. And even more – it’s not that easy to determine, whether you are on the right way with your web site’s design or not without the comprehensive statistics data on your web site.

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