Track and View Website Hits Visits Using Website Stats Software – Deep Log Analyzer

If you need to evaluate the results of the website’s promotion efficiency, which will help you to find the better ways of website improvement and maximize the ROI (return on investment) of your online business, you need to track your website traffic and get the accurate website metrics statistics.

Analyze and track website visitor behavior and visitors activity, track and view website hits visits, and track website’s performance in general. If you are a serious businessmen who is interested in making his online business enterprise to be successful and profitable, you need to generate complex and comprehensive website metrics statistics and website traffic reports.

Certainly, you won’t be able to collect all the valuable data on your own without the right tools that help to track your website traffic and track website visitor behavior. We offer you to try our effective website stats software that can easily track your website traffic and track website hits. We are proud to present you the affordable and professional website stats – Deep Log Analyzer. Our practical website metrics software will help you to create complex and efficient website metrics statistics reports and will help you to answer on the following questions:

  • How many your online visitors turn into customers?
  • Which advertising campaigns generate your sales?
  • What keyword phrase or which keywords bring you online visitors?
  • What Search Engines generate your online sales?
  • Which websites are the refers of your online customers and visitors?
  • When do your customers visit your website (what season is the most busiest period for your online sales)?

Website Metrics Statistics Reports

With a bit of website metrics statistics analysis of your server logs, you could discover that people are using your website in a way you didn’t expect. Once you get a better idea of how people use your website, you can begin to take away any problem areas such as that page that most shoppers don’t get beyond.

Find out which path do visitors follow on your website and how do visitors get to a certain page, track and view website hits visits and analyze the website metrics statistics. Make the improvements of your website reasonably and logically, based on the proofed facts and accurate and real website metrics statistics.

Deep Log Analyzer is the right tool you need if you wish to get the precise website metrics and track your website traffic. Download a free trial of our powerful website stats software – Deep Log Analyzer and try the program before you buy it!