Track Web Site Visits Using the Advanced Web Analytics Software

Whether you have a small, medium or large web site, Deep Log Analyzer is the right solution you need to track web site visitors, browsers used, http errors and get the detailed web site stats or the useful visitor settings statistics. The essential log files reader (log files viewer) will provide you with the realistic, correct and detailed web site stats in colorful graphs and tables. Gain insight on which changes can make a better web site visitor experience, take advantage of the practical log viewer software – Deep Log Analyzer. No need to pay for expensive web site traffic analysis services, just purchase the powerful and practical software that will provide you with visitor settings statistics, analyze and track web site visitor’s behavior easily and anytime you wish.

We offer you to compare Deep Log Analyzer’s professional edition vs. standard edition and find out what is the difference between the professional and standard versions of the program that provide you with the detailed web site stats. Make the choice of the software wisely; find out more about the basic analysis features of the programs, compare all the features of the software and purchase the most suitable program.

The best of the variety of web traffic analysis software with the most powerful reporting functionality and detailed web site stats is the practical tool – Deep Log Analyzer. Track the performance of your web site and optimize all of your marketing campaigns, including pay per click (PPC), banners advertising, and affiliate marketing. Make the smart decisions concerning web site optimization using the accurate visitor settings statistics.

Track web site visits and track web site visitor’s behavior in a few easy steps, track general traffic of your sites and measure ROI and conversion rates at the same time! Create custom and detailed web site stats reports: design custom reports using SQL queries. It is possible to create any specific report you may need about web site, as all required data is stored in relational database.

The program can be scripted with VBScript, JavaScript or any other scripting languages supporting OLE Automation. This allows you to automate log files import, reports generation and exporting to HTML and other tasks.

For the Better Visitor Settings Statistics Results the System Requirements are:


  • Windows 9X/Me/NT/2000/XP/Server2003
  • CPU: Pentium class – 1 GHz
  • RAM: 128 MB
  • HDD space: 25 MB plus space for databases and logs
  • Internet Explorer 5.5

Recommended for the Best Performance:

  • Windows XP
  • CPU: Pentium 4 – 2GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • HDD space: 1 Gb

Download a free demo version of Deep Log Analyzer and track web site visitor’s behavior, track web site visits and measure the web site stats accurately. Get an idea of the variety of Deep Log Analyzer’s features and purchase the software. Be entirely informed who are visiting your web site, what pages your customers are looking at, where they are coming from and much more statistics data any time you wish. Track web site traffic and track web site visitor behavior using the affordable and professional web site traffic monitoring / analysis software – Deep Log Analyzer. Get your web log analyzer that will provide you with detailed web site stats now! It’s simple, powerful and easy to use!