Web Page Tracking Using Deep Log Analyzer

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Generate complex and comprehensive web page tracking and analytics reports using the practical tool – Deep Log Analyzer. If you are serious about your web presence then you need to access log files viewer and web page tracking tool – Deep Log Analyzer, which will help you to understand the behavior of your web site’s visitors. It is particularly important if you are investing in online marketing; the complete web site performance measurement analytics will help you to make sound decisions about what’s to change on your web site and how to attract new clients.

Web server log files are text-based evidences of visitors’ interaction and activities on a web page. Any web page consists of special files including HTML content, graphics (.png, .gif, .jpg), scripting files, video / audio files. When a visitor requests for a web page, the web server has to get and return all the files that make up the web page to the visitor’s browser where they are re-established as a web site. This means that a request for one web page can result in multiple hits or requests for files to the web server.

Analyzing web page tracking hits in web server log files constitutes such problems: visitors are interested only in the requested web page and not in the individual components of the web page; the large number of hits in a web server log file makes it complex to analyze page views because the web page tracking hits have to be filtered out for most web usage calculations. You, as a web site owner, only need to track page views and not hits, except when you are calculating bandwidth usage for a web site. You, as a professional web master or SEO optimization expert, need to track web site visitor’s behavior and check web site traffic stats and verify web site performance measurement.

What Kind of Information do Web Server Log Files Keep?

Web server log file records include: the valuable data about which pages and web sites referred visitors; which search engines referred visitors; which pages visitors left a site from; which pages visitors entered a site from; which pages are requested by visitors; how much time visitors spent on a site, etc. So, you see that the accurate web site performance measurement is only possible using the practical web log file analyzer – Deep Log Analyzer.

It’s easy to perform web site stats check and make an informed decision when using the reliable web site performance measurement software – Deep Log Analyzer. You can try the demo version of web page tracking software to see for yourself how does the program for web site stats check works.