Web Page Traffic Metrics

Nowadays Webmasters and website owners can use various options for their website’s statistics tracking needs. There are many traffic counters, web page stats tracker software, website log files analyzers that claim to provide you with accurate and precise website statistics, but are you sure that they really are giving you the reports that you can rely on and in a format that is optimized for your needs? As a Webmaster or e-business professional, you understand that in order to fully optimize any website, you must have the answers to these following basic questions: where does your traffic come from; which Search Engines do your visitors use; what keywords and search phrases brought them to your website; how do your visitors navigate through your website?

With the reliable website traffic monitoring and statistical analysis tools, webmasters, website owners, and e-business professionals can use website tracking to understand web page hits and visitor activity – getting an in-depth and easy-to-understand picture of the website’s traffic.

We offer you to try the practical and affordable tool – web page traffic metrics software – Deep Log Analyzer. This practical software is the best choice for online marketers and webmasters. Based on the reliable we page traffic metrics, you can always make the best decision how to optimize the content of your web page and increase the web page traffic.

The main advantage of the Deep Log Analyzer – web page traffic metrics software if compared to website counter or web page hits stats is that it is invisible to the visitors of your website. You don’t have to put on any logo, advertisement or link on your web page when using our web page traffic metrics software.

Download a free trial of the web page traffic metrics software and experience all the advantages of the program before you buy it!

Deep Log Analyzer Advantages over Hosted Web Page Hits Stats:

  • Privacy and security. Web page traffic metrics software can be processed inside your web page without exposing the data to hosted web page hits stats.
  • Track downloads, accessed graphics and complete bandwidth usage. Hosted web analytics solutions can only track accessed pages where you inserted their tracking tags.
  • Find page errors. If requested page not found no information gets transferred to web analytics provider, but it is recorded in web server log file.
  • Track Search Engine spiders visits, such as googlebot. Search Engine spiders do not execute JavaScript that is used for page tagging in hosted solutions.
  • No need to change website code. Hosted web page traffic monitoring solutions require you to insert tracking tags in code of all pages you want to track. With Deep Log Analyzer you just need to install the web page traffic metrics software on client computer and process your existing log files without need to change website code.
  • Our web page traffic metrics software is more customizable. Reports generated using Deep Log Analyzers are more customizable than most hosted reports made by web page tracker. It’s even possible to create own reports using SQL code.