Web Page Visitor Stats

Everyone has a counter on their web site nowadays, but no one knows what the numbers really mean. The commercial market is grappling with the evaluation of these statistics as they try to calculate advertising revenues. Whether you have a home based web business or an international enterprise, you need to have an advanced web stat software, that will help you to learn the interests of your web site visitors and clients, analyze the results of the advertisement campaign, find out from where the visitors come to your web site, make your web site more appealing and easy to use for your users and more.

We offer you the new and reliable web page visitor stats program – Deep Log Analyzer, which is a powerful web analytics and web audience measurement tool. Web traffic stats software provides your business with an up to the minute record of your site’s activity. These reports enable you to see how and when visitors are finding your site, which search engines and keywords sent them to you and even which web browsers they are using. Web stats gives you powerful information to help you acquire new customers and market your business effectively online.

Deep Log Analyzer Enables You to:

  • Get the real-time traffic tracking and traffic reports.
  • Analyze real-time web stats about your web site.
  • Understand web traffic stats using easy to export data and graphics.Web Stat Software is designed for:
  • Companies and organizations that are active on the Internet as well as those dedicated to e-commerce wanting detailed user frequency reports.
  • Editors of media sites seeking reliable, independent and impartial web page visitor stats for reference or distribution aimed at advertisers and sponsors.
  • Advertising and communication agencies as well as Internet service providers wanting to standardize their visitor reports and provide their customers with detailed and up-to-date web stats.Download a free trial of our powerful web stats software and try Deep Log Analyzer before you buy it!Our practical web stats (web page visitor stats) solution allows you to generate complex and comprehensive web site traffic reports. You can now be fully informed who are visiting your site, what pages your customers are looking at, where they are coming from and much more statistics data any time you wish.