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Deep Log Analyzer is the leading web site visitor reporting tool, which gives you a powerful, flexible, and open environment to work in. Now you can easily track and check web site traffic and web site visitors, analyze web site visitors’ behavior and get complete web site usage statistics in easy way! Download 25-Day FREE trial version of our unique web site visitors reporting software.

Monitor your web site’s statistics and check web site traffic in order to make the necessary improvements on your own web site. Now with the help of Deep Log Analyzer you are able to view data such as the number of visits to your site, which pages are being viewed the most, and what sites referred you the visitors. Use this information to your advantage and improve the design and efficiency of your web site.

Deep Log Analyzer is the easy-to-use and affordable web traffic analysis software that allows you to monitor your web site traffic and IP session statistics. Thanks to the professional web site metrics statistics program you will easily track your web traffic: check how many visits your web site have daily, weekly and monthly. Find out how your customers find the site, which search engines they utilize to reach your web pages, what keywords they type in the search engines; monitor new, returning and unique visitors as well as analyze their countries, browsers, operating systems, etc.

Web Site Visitor Reporting Software – Deep Log Analyzer

Deep Log Analyzer’s advantages over hosted web site visitors reporting solutions:

  • Privacy and security: web statistics can be processed inside your company without exposing the data to hosted web analytics provider company.
  • Our analytics web site reporting software allows you to track downloads, accessed graphics and complete bandwidth usage: hosted web analytics solutions can only track accessed pages where you inserted their tracking tags. Page tags are not called when other files are requested, such as zip or pdf.
  • Using our web site metrics statistics software you will be able to find web page errors: if requested page is not found no information gets transferred to web analytics provider, but it is recorded in web server log file.
  • No need to change web site code. Hosted solutions require you to insert tracking tags in code of all pages you want to track. With Deep Log Analyzer – professional web site visitor reporting software you just need to install the software on client computer and process your existing log files without need to change web site code.
  • More customizable: web site metrics statistics generated using Deep Log Analyzer are more customizable than most hosted reports. It’s even possible to create own reports using SQL code.
  • Take advantage of our practical web site visitors reporting program and analyze or check web site traffic data anytime with any settings, as you always have your log files.

Download a free trial of the web site metrics statistics software and experience all the advantages of the program before you buy it!