Web Site Visitor Tracking Software – Deep Log Analyzer

Web site traffic tracking and analysis is essential to the success of a web site. And yet it’s amazing how many web site owners have little or no idea of how many visitors come to their site; where they’re from and what they do when they’re on the web site. You could say they’re making their online business irresponsibly. Such a way of doing online business is unacceptable nowadays.

Deep Log Analyzer is a powerful web site traffic tracking monitoring tool for webmasters. You are able to actually see the how many visitors visit your site daily. You are able to understand what makes your visitors go from page to page, see how long they stay on your site, what browser they’re using, which site they came from and more. Using web site visitor tracking software you will be able to answer these questions about your web site:

  • How many people visit it each month?
  • Where are they from?
  • How are visitors finding your site?
  • What traffic is coming from search engines, links from other sites and other sources?
  • What keyword search phrases are they using to find your site?
  • What pages are frequented the most – what information are visitors most interested in?
  • How do visitors navigate within your web site?

Web site traffic reports are generated from the log files that are kept by the web server. These logs contain records of every request for pages, graphics and files on the server. The records include the IP address of the requesting computer (not the actual identity of the visitor), the time and date of the request, what kind of browser requested the file, what kind of computer was being used and whether or not the request was successfully fulfilled.Your site’s log files contain a wealth of information about the effectiveness of your web site marketing program. Using the important information from your log files, you can learn how your visitors are finding your site, what search terms they are using to find it and which are the best sources of traffic for your site. The log file is a running list of technical information and it’s not very helpful to look at. That’s where the professional web site traffic monitoring software like Deep Log Analyzer comes in.No doubt, you are curious about the web site traffic tracking monitoring possibilities as your business depends on obtaining detailed information about your web site traffic. That is why we offer you the most comprehensive web site visitor tracking software that will give you the complete web traffic analysis and visitor’s behavior on your web site.Download 25-Day FREE trial version today! No obligations involved. No registration required!Buy the full version of web site traffic tracking and monitoring software – Deep Log Analyzer. We offer volume discounts on multiple license purchases – making it more affordable for you to use our web site traffic monitoring software on multiple computers your company owns.