Web Stats from Log Files

How do you know if your website is being visited? Is it visited at all or maybe it is high time to think about “How to get more visitors on it? How to optimize the website and make it more efficient?” Web stats from log files – Deep Log Analyzer can help you get the clear picture of your website’s activity and see how to improve your website’s visibility on the Internet. Take advantage of the practical log file report of http access and make intelligent business decisions.

Every time a visitor comes to your website, they leave a trail behind on the web hosting server in the form of log files. These files can be analyzed, compiled and presented in different formats to gain new insights into the ways people use your website.

What are Log Files?

Log files are simple text files that are automatically generated every time someone accesses your website. Every “hit” to your website, including each view of a HTML document or an image, is logged. The raw log file format is essentially one line of text for each hit to your website. Log files contain information about who was visiting your website, where they came from and exactly what they were doing on your site.

We present you fundamentally new way of analyzing log file report of http access – Deep Log Analyzer. The software comprises the practical features of a hit counter and a log file analyzer. The program is designed getting the detailed web stats from log files and the comprehensive reports of visitor behavior on the website. Download a free trial of the website statistics software and experience all the advantages of the program.

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Monitor your website’s statistics and check web stats from log files in order to make the essential improvements on your website. Now with the help of Deep Log Analyzer you are able to view the website traffic analysis from log file and use this data to your advantage and improve the design or the content of your website.

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