Website Log Analyzer and Web Analytics Software

The comprehensive web traffic analysis and the accurate analysis of visitor click stream behavior are crucial to managing a web site on a daily basis. Web traffic analysis and network traffic analysis are essential for the success of a web site. We offer you to try the practical tool – web site traffic analysis program – Deep Log Analyzer.

The network traffic analysis software is a web log analyzer that works by analyzing your web server log files in real time. It displays a list of currently active visitors and the page they are currently viewing along with geographical location, browser and operating system. You can also view a list of pages the visitor has visited so far and how long they spent on each page. Deep Log Analyzer gives you a much clearer view of your web site’s popularity than traditional log analyzers.

The traffic analysis software makes it easy to view how statistics changes over time and to compare web traffic reports for different time periods. Deep Log Analyzer’s web site traffic analysis give you an opportunity to look at all aspects of your web site traffic including what draws visitors to your web site, what are people searching on your site and so on.

Network Traffic Analysis

Deep Log Analyzer is one of the most popular network traffic analysis tools on the net. It is designed to be easily installed and create comprehensive reports to summarize activity on your site. Download a free trial of our powerful web traffic analytics software and try Deep Log Analyzer before you buy it!

Take advantage of the advanced and affordable web site traffic analysis software for small and medium size web sites. Deep Log Analyzer is the fastest, most powerful and detailed solution for seeing who your site visitors are, where they come from, where they go and more! Features include high-speed processing, low disk space requirements, built-in IP mapping and unique filtering capabilities. Very simple to use, with detailed tables and charts produced in an easy to understand, professional-quality report. The web traffic analysis software is fast, powerful and professional program. Download a free trial of network traffic analysis software and get an idea of the variety of Deep Log Analyzer’s features.