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If you’re like most website owners, you want to know what people are looking for at your site and where did they come from, how many online users have contacted your membership organization online, have event registrations or memberships increased and etc. What if these answers were available at the click of a button? How valuable would it be to know the web statistics through real time reporting and website tracking on your site?

Tracking website hits is the simplest way for web marketers, managers, company executives and webmasters to get the answers to these questions. Website tracking is possible by measuring each time a user clicks something on the site or performs an action. This is a website hit. When a user fills out a contact form this could be a website hit or multiple hits. When an image is clicked for more information, that is considered a website hit. When analyzing your website traffic report you can, for the most part, ignore hits and bytes (bytes being the total amount of data sent out from your site). Instead it’s much more helpful to review the trends in sessions, page views, and length of stay.

Tracking your overall website sessions is the best and most accurate way to determine your site’s performance. A session is a unique visit by a singe individual. One session is recorded for each unique site visit whether the visitor looks at one page or every page on the site.

Deep Log Analyzer is real time website tracking software that is fast, reliable and easy to use. It belongs to the network traffic analyzer software category and it features live real time tracking and reporting, advanced website traffic and visitor information and much, much more.

As every site is different, comparing your site’s performance to another’s is not very useful. Some websites are designed to attract daily readers. Some are simply used to support other marketing materials. Therefore, comparing overall tracking hits on a website volume is not a useful effort. Rather than worrying about how many sessions your site gets compared to other sites, it’s better to understand how your site adjustments and marketing efforts impact your site’s overall traffic patterns. Therefore, tracking session data from month to month is the most fundamental aspect of analyzing your web traffic reports.

Now it’s easy to get website tracking traffic reports for your site and make the comprehensive site analysis. A complete tracking website hits report will help you to understand and analyze your site’s traffic and evaluate the performance of your marketing programs.

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Analyze the useful information from your traffic reports about tracking website hits including the countries, browsers, languages, operating systems, IP addresses of your visitors.

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