Website Traffic Reports

Make sure your website is working for you! Deep Log Software is easy-to-use and affordable website traffic analyzer that allows you to monitor your website traffic statistics. Use this information to your advantage and improve the design and efficiency of your website.

One of the most important aspects of web business is knowing your website traffic statistics and making the right website analysis. You will be able to do this only by knowing how many visitors get into your website daily and how they use your website.

Deep Log Analyzer – reliable website traffic analyzer that helps businesses to track performance of the website in order to make informed decisions and to execute the better strategy of business improvement. Deep Log Analyzer is an ideal solution for companies investing in performance improvement strategies, for those who are investing in website optimization.

Fast and Comprehensive Site Analysis

Do you know how much traffic your website attracts? Do you wonder who’s coming to your website? Where do they come from? How did they find your website? Are you able to answer all these questions on your own without any help? Website traffic report is the simplest way for web marketers, managers, company executives and webmasters to get the answers to these questions. Take advantage of new and reliable website traffic report software – Deep Log Analyzer.

The Advantages of Website Traffic Report Statistics

  • Monitor the success of your website in real time.
  • Track your conversions to see how valuable your traffic is.
  • Find out which referrer sends you the most sales.
  • See which keyword phrases are being used in search engines to find your site.
  • Collect data about the operating systems and browsers of your visitors.

Now it’s easy to get website traffic reports for your site and make the comprehensive site analysis. A complete tracking and reporting system is now available to help you understand and analyze your website traffic and evaluate the performance of your marketing programs.

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The Website Traffic Analysis Software Makes It Easy to:

  • Find out which pages visitors usually enter your website through so you can include more introductory information on your site’s products and services.
  • Learn which pages website visitors typically exit from so you’ll know you need to either improve their content, graphics and lay-out or add more links to other parts of the site.
  • Discover which search engines people use to reach your website and what keywords they type in the search engine so you know what keywords and search engines to focus on when developing your website or placing search-related ads.
  • Analyze other useful information from your website traffic reports about website visitors including their countries, browsers, languages, operating systems, IP addresses as well as number of repeated visitors.

Download a free trial of our website analysis program and get an idea of the variety of information about your website’s usage it can provide.