Website Visitor Metrics Software

One of the terms frequently used regarding website traffic is “hits.” What most people mean by “hits” is the number of visits the website gets. But technically, “hits” actually refers to the total number of files that are requested from the server. Therefore the number of hits to a site is always going to be significantly higher than the actual number of visits to the site. This is because a typical visit to a website will include “hits” on a number of pages.

When analyzing your website usage statistics you can, for the most part, ignore hits and bytes (bytes being the total amount of data sent out from your site). Instead it’s much more helpful to review the trends in sessions, page views and length of stay. Our practical website visitor metrics software – Deep Log Analyzer provides webmasters and web managers with reliable traffic stats. Using our reliable website usage statistics you can easily track the number of people who visit your website daily, weekly and monthly, so you’ll know how successful your website is, what times of year are busiest and what direction your site is going to. That’s the kind of information you need to make sound decisions about what’s working on your website.

Website Usage Statistics Software Features:

  • Interactive reports: navigate reports easily, they are not static html. All reports are active and not just tables in static html. Scroll report easily or sort it by any column with just one mouse click. Reports show all website data, not just several top records of each statistic. This means you can easily see all referrers and how many hits each of them has generated. Other programs show only a few popular referrals.
  • Advanced graphical charts: graphical charts that represent report data for easier visual perception accompany all reports. View own chart for each level of hierarchy. Bar graphs change immediately as you navigate the report in table view.
  • Reports on all aspects of the website: reports on most requested pages, downloads and graphics shows what content is popular on your site and how visitors find that content. Entry and exit pages reports shows where users enter your site and on which pages they leave.
  • Website visitor metrics: website hits tracking reports and hits history reports show how your website popularity changes over time. Top visitors report shows number of visits for each visitor along with browser and OS they use and their country.
  • Technical reports: see all errors on your website. Check if site has any broken links and where they are. View report on incomplete downloads.

Track your online visitors and analyze website visitor’s behavior and get complete website visitor metrics. Take advantage of the advanced and affordable website hits tracking solution for small and medium size sites. Know exactly where your customers come from, how they move through the site and where they leave it.

Website Hits Tracking Software – Deep Log Analyzer

Whether you have a small, medium or large website, Deep Log Analyzer – the practical website usage statistics software is the solution you need to track website visitors, browsers used, http errors and similar useful website usage statistics on your site.

With a bit of website visitor metrics of your server logs, you could discover that people are using your site in a way you didn’t expect. Once you get a better idea of how people use your site, you can begin to take away any problem areas such as that page that most shoppers don’t get beyond. Download a free demo version of website hits tracking statistics (website visitor metrics) software and get an idea of the variety of Deep Log Analyzer’s features.

Website Hits and Visits Stats – Deep Log Analyzer

Tracking your overall website hits tracking is the best and most accurate way to determine your site’s performance. Understanding website hits tracking and visitor behavior is crucial to managing a website promotion and Search Engine Optimization process. Website hits and visits stats create an opportunity to actively manage your website promotion budget and enables you to make sound decisions about what resources are less effective to advertise on and concentrate your on-line marketing dollars on those delivering the best quality and target traffic. That means that you can analyze the actual return on investment of your website budget.

Deep Log Analyzer – practical website hits and visits stats delivers lightning fast website log analysis generating useful statistics and reports for any size of organization. Deep Log Analyzer is a must for anyone with a website. Download a free trial of the website hits and visits stats software and experience all the advantages of the program before you buy it!

It’s easy to make an informed decision when buying the reliable website hits tracking software – Deep Log Analyzer. You can try our demo version of website visitor metrics software to see for yourself how does the program works.