Deep Log Analyzer 7.0 released

June 28, 2016

Deep Log Analyzer version 7.0 has been released with the following improvements:

  • new: Recognition of Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge browser and other minor OS and browser updates
  • new: added Top Pages by Visits report. View number of Visits (or Unique Pageviews) for each page. Unique Pageviews (Visits) is the number of sessions during
    which the page was viewed at least once. By popular requests from our users, this report shows an accurate number of views for PDF files, among other things.
    Top Pages Report report has been renamed to Top Pages by Pageviews. Pageviews number includes repeated views of the page.
  • changed: Page filters (Filter-IncludeFiles, Filter-ExcludeFiles value in .dla file) are now non-case sensitive
  • added official support of Windows 10

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