Deep Log Analyzer version 2.5 released

Jun 30, 2005

  • OLE Automation support has been added. Program can be scripted with VBScript, JavaScript or any other scripting languages supporting OLE Automation. This allows you to automate log files import, reports generation and exporting to HTML. For more information view samples and help on Deep Log Analyzer object model
  • Copy report to clipboard. Select multiple lines in the report table and press Ctrl+C copy them to clipboard. Good for pasting into Excel for advanced analysis
  • Copy selected text to clipboard. Double-click on a cell in report table to select all text of a cell or part of it, then press Ctrl+C to copy selected text.
  • Copy chart to clipboard. Right click on the report’s chart and click Copy to Clipboard in menu
  • Added Total and Others lines in reports exported to HTML
  • Improved work with ftp
  • Minor fixes and improvements