Major update of Deep Log Analyzer software with version 3.0 released

December 5, 2006

  • New: You can use this web analytics solution free of charge now! We created Free Edition of Deep Log Analyzer. It has great reporting capabilities that are enough for smaller websites. It’s a great way to start tracking stats for your website. You can easily upgrade to Professional Edition as your site grows. Professional Edition offers such advanced features as export and printing of reports, scheduler, more reports, ability to create custom reports, and┬ámore.
    Standard Edition of Deep Log Analyzer is not available anymore.
  • New: DeepTracker technology for tracking sessions and visitors based on cookies. To take full advantage of this tracking method, you need to upload 2 small files to the website and add a fragment of HTML code called DeepTracker Code in website’s pages. Check Project Settings – DeepTracker Code tab for instructions DeepTracker method is the most accurate method of session and visitors tracking availabile in web analytics.
  • New: 5 new reports added with extra client info: Screen Resolution, Color Depth, JavaScript Support, Flash plugin/addon Versions, System Language. These reports require DeepTracker Code to be installed on the website.
  • New: (Pro edition only) Scheduler. You can set the project to run automatically by schedule. Program will download and process updated log file and export reports in html format to specified location. Scheduler can work on server as the process is fully automatic and does not require user intervention.
  • New: Detection of search engine
  • Fixed: Date in General Statistics report and in reports exported to HTML is shown in your country’s format (according to Windows Regional Settings)
  • Windows 98, Me and NT4 are not supported anymore.