Version 2.7 released

March 9, 2006

  • New: Filter reports. Type text in a field above the report and view only those rows of the report that contain this text
  • Improved: Local log files can be imported while they are still open for writing by web server. This caused a sharing violation error in previous versions of DLA
  • Changed: Files without extensions are recognized as pages now and appear in such reports as Top Pages, Popular Paths, etc.
  • Improved: Standard report Server Errors in Diagnostic group now includes names of the pages where the errors occurred. Click Expand to view page names on second level of the report
  • New: Recognition of Windows Vista and Windows 2003 Server platforms and Safari browser on Mac OS
  • New: Depth of Visit standard report has been added. It shows how many pages users view in one visit when browsing your website. Does not include visits by search engine bots
  • Fixed: FTP transfer of logs sometimes failed with error “Unable to create local file…”