Version 2.8 of Deep Log Analyzer released – maintenance release

July 6, 2006

  • Fixed: Limited Windows users can now work with DLA. Previously users with limited access rights could not work with DLA resulting in Access Denied error messages. Authenticated Users group has now full control on Data Storage folder that contains all projects. Installation still requires Administrator user permissions
  • Fixed: Program now activates for all users on the computer. Previously you had to activate it for each user. As a result DLA can now run under non-interactive users, from scripts or ASP.NET code, for example
  • Fixed: Graphical charts are now exported in HTML reports using full colors even if the server has 256-color video card
  • Fixed: When the program runs from script, it returns a script error if the trial period has expired or the program is not activated, but does not pop up the reminder window as before
  • Fixed error messages “MS Jet or DAO : class not registered”, that appeared on some computers. DLA installation re-registers MS Jet now.
  • Fixed: Correct thousands separators when exporting to Excel according to regional settigns in Windows