Deep Log Analyzer version 6.0 released

May 8, 2014

  • new: Option to exclude search spiders/bots visits from import and all reports
  • new: Option to exclude unrecognized browsers, which are usually bots
  • new: Macros in export path to allow dynamic path for generating scheduled reports:
    [$PROJECT], [$DATE], [$YEAR], [$MONTH], [$DAY]
    Example: To create daily reports in separate folders use D:\Reports\[$PROJECT]\[$DATE]\index.html
    Enter it at the bottom of Project Settings – Schedule tab
  • new: added support for Akamai W3C-format web logs
  • new: recognition of Windows 8.1 in Operating Systems report
  • new: recognition of IE 11 browser
  • new: recognition of some new web spiders/bots
  • new: view scheduled task name in Tools menu – Task Scheduler window
  • fix: saving of scheduled tasks into Windows Task Scheduler did not work properly on Windows 8 and 7