Web Traffic Metrics

Deep Software is proud to offer web traffic analyzing system that provides site owners, webmasters and marketers with massive amount of useful data to discover how visitors navigate across your website, identify the navigational bottlenecks that keep you from achieving our site’s goals. Web traffic metrics is the fastest and the most effective way to get to know how profitable your marketing campaign is, where do your best customers come from, what referrer’s streamline is the most profitable for you and much more. As web traffic monitoring solution, Deep Log Analyzer allows you to track advertising campaigns to maintain your return on investments and monitor site flow to ensure your clients are getting the most pleasurable online experience on your website.

If you are serious about using your website to successfully market your business online, you can’t do without an accurate web traffic statistics offered by Deep Log Analyzer. Our advanced web traffic analyzing software will provide you with detailed reports on the number of visitors to your site per day, month, year, or any other time range you specify. Are you looking for smart web traffic metrics solution to get to know which keywords were used to find your site, visitors geographical origin, the most and the least popular pages of your website and much more? We’re here to meet all your expectations.

Deep Log Analyzer provides web traffic statistics data represented in the intuitive and very easy-to-use graphical interface. We offer you the most reliable and affordable web traffic analyzing solution that makes it easier to view and analyze statistics from your raw log files. Deep Software is the number one provider of highly effective web traffic metrics software that will help each webmaster and site owner to optimize his website to particular visitors’ needs, maximize online profits and increase conversions.

Web traffic monitoring is a key element to identify non-effective strategies and drop them in order to point your investment in the right direction. If you are interested in improving of your website performance, take all the benefits of Deep Log Analyzer as high quality web traffic analyzing software.