Deep Log Analyzer - Changes History

  • Deep Log Analyzer 1.51 released

    Oct 14, 2004

    • Import time filter of log records by file name. Specify a list of file masks using wildcards that will be imported into the project’s database. Hits on other files will be ignored. This allows, for example, to create a separate project for each folder of the website treating folders as individual virtual sites, or import only files with specific extensions. There is no user interface for changing this setting in current version. To set file filter setting open ‘Project name’.dla file located in the project’s folder in Notepad and add a line in the following format:
      (File masks should be separated by semicolons)
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  • Deep Log Analyzer version 1.5 released

    Sept 27, 2004

    • New reports group called “Site Navigation” that includes 3 new useful reports:
      • Popular Paths through Site shows the list of typical ways users take while navigating your website;
      • Came from Page report shows from which pages users came to the particular page
      • Left to Page report show where users went after leaving certain page on the website

      These reports will work only on newly imported logs. Reimport logs in old projects to view these reports on your olad data.

    • Database has a new table called VisitorPath that includes all paths users take while navigating the website. DLA will convert databases to the new format when you open your old projects. This may take a while. Old database is saved in hit.bak file for the case if something goes wrong.
    • Visitors Bouncing Rate report shows how many users entered the website through the particular web page and exited the site right away (bounced). This allows to estimate quality of your website landing pages and improve website browsing rate.
    • Reports “Visitor Stay Length” and “Number of Visits per Visitor” are now easier to read as they include intervals instead of numerous multiple records
    • Export General Stats report to html
    • Empty fields in some reports have been replaced with the explaining text, for example “No Referrer”
    • Recognition of Mozilla Firefox browser
    • Header and footer on every page in printed reports
    • Updated IP-To-Country Database
    • Many minor improvements and fixes
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  • Deep Log Analyzer version 1.4 released

    Aug 25, 2004

    • New improved report Printing and Print Preview
    • URLs in the reports are active now. Click to open URL in the browser
    • Updated IP-To-Country Database
    • Do not import graphics option was not saved when you hit Finish & Analyze button
    • Open button in Open Project dialog sometimes did not work
    • Intelligent column width selection in the reports based on the information in the column
    • Other minor improvements
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  • Deep Log Analyzer 1.3 released

    Jul 10 , 2004

    • Export reports to HTML. View reports in browser, share exported reports, publish them on the web, email or print them easily from your browser. Press Alt+E for export
    • Save graphic chart image to png-file (Alt+C)
    • Support for multi-domain log files on virtual server. This is a situation when the web server writes requests to several web sites in the same log file.
    • 25-day logs import limit in trial has been removed
    • Minor improvements and bug fixes
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  • Deep Log Analyzer 1.2 released

    June 11, 2004

    • Tips of the day in separate docking panel
    • Context “What’s this?” help on controls in all dialog windows
    • “Buffer overrun” problem during log files import on some logs has been fixed
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  • Deep Log Analyzer 1.1 maintenance release

    May 14, 2004

    • Minor improvements and bug fixes
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  • Deep Log Analyzer 1.05 released

    Apr 21, 2004

    • Problems when running on Windows 98 have been resolved
    • Fixed problem with couple of particular log file formats
    • Few minor bugs have been fixed
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  • Deep Log Analyzer version 1.0 initial release

    April 1, 2004

    • Initial release
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