Deep Log Analyzer - Changes History

  • Deep Log Analyzer version 2.9 released

    September 5, 2006

    • New: Office 2007 look added with four new visual styles. Style can be changed via View-Application Look menu in Deep Log Analyzer.
    • If you are upgrading, this version requires new registration key, that can be received from Deep Software
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  • Version 2.8 of Deep Log Analyzer released – maintenance release

    July 6, 2006

    • Fixed: Limited Windows users can now work with DLA. Previously users with limited access rights could not work with DLA resulting in Access Denied error messages. Authenticated Users group has now full control on Data Storage folder that contains all projects. Installation still requires Administrator user permissions
    • Fixed: Program now activates for all users on the computer. Previously you had to activate it for each user. As a result DLA can now run under non-interactive users, from scripts or ASP.NET code, for example
    • Fixed: Graphical charts are now exported in HTML reports using full colors even if the server has 256-color video card
    • Fixed: When the program runs from script, it returns a script error if the trial period has expired or the program is not activated, but does not pop up the reminder window as before
    • Fixed error messages “MS Jet or DAO : class not registered”, that appeared on some computers. DLA installation re-registers MS Jet now.
    • Fixed: Correct thousands separators when exporting to Excel according to regional settigns in Windows
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  • Version 2.7 released

    March 9, 2006

    • New: Filter reports. Type text in a field above the report and view only those rows of the report that contain this text
    • Improved: Local log files can be imported while they are still open for writing by web server. This caused a sharing violation error in previous versions of DLA
    • Changed: Files without extensions are recognized as pages now and appear in such reports as Top Pages, Popular Paths, etc.
    • Improved: Standard report Server Errors in Diagnostic group now includes names of the pages where the errors occurred. Click Expand to view page names on second level of the report
    • New: Recognition of Windows Vista and Windows 2003 Server platforms and Safari browser on Mac OS
    • New: Depth of Visit standard report has been added. It shows how many pages users view in one visit when browsing your website. Does not include visits by search engine bots
    • Fixed: FTP transfer of logs sometimes failed with error “Unable to create local file…”
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  • Deep Log Analyzer version 2.6 released

    Nov 23, 2005

    • View in Excel button. Instantly exports report table to MS Excel and creates a diagram on the separate sheet. Allows you to do advanced data analysis in MS Excel. Requires at least MS Excel version 10 (2002) or newer
    • Prune database. Deletes old data from project in order to improve reports speed and free some disk space. Look for this setting on Database tab in Project Settings
    • Significant improvement in speed of deleting imported logs from database when deleting data before or after specified date
    • Do Not Import Error Hits option has been added to project settings- Exclude tab
    • OLE Automation object’s model has been enhanced. Reports collection and Report objects have been added for sophisticated report’s manipulation; now you may fine-tune exporting process with ExportOptions object. Project and Application objects functionality was extended. Please review corresponding user documentation (dlaolepub.chm) for more details.
    • Data storage can now be moved only to fixed drive
    • Added ability to customize graphical chart for custom reports
    • Improved export to HTML of single report
    • Enhanced application’s context menus
    • Improved calendar
    • Minor fixes and improvements
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  • Deep Log Analyzer version 2.5 released

    Jun 30, 2005

    • OLE Automation support has been added. Program can be scripted with VBScript, JavaScript or any other scripting languages supporting OLE Automation. This allows you to automate log files import, reports generation and exporting to HTML. For more information view samples and help on Deep Log Analyzer object model
    • Copy report to clipboard. Select multiple lines in the report table and press Ctrl+C copy them to clipboard. Good for pasting into Excel for advanced analysis
    • Copy selected text to clipboard. Double-click on a cell in report table to select all text of a cell or part of it, then press Ctrl+C to copy selected text.
    • Copy chart to clipboard. Right click on the report’s chart and click Copy to Clipboard in menu
    • Added Total and Others lines in reports exported to HTML
    • Improved work with ftp
    • Minor fixes and improvements
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  • Deep Log Analyzer version 2.4 released

    May 17, 2005

    • Improved handling of large log files with much less memory resources required. Program can now process log files of more than 4Gb in size
    • Improved algorithm for parsing log files in CLF (Apache) format
    • Numbers on the chart bars are now scaled together with bars
    • Logs import progress window improvements
    • Updated icons with new fresh look
    • Added new import-time filter that allows you to exclude hits on certain files from import in database. Edit Filter-ExcludeFiles= variable in project’s dla-file
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  • Deep Log Analyzer version 2.3 released

    Mar 2, 2005

    • Whois lookup for visitors’ IP addresses. Click on the underlined IP address in reports to open whois information in browser
    • Multilevel reports print and export to html. A hierarchy is preserved in printed or exported to html report.
    • Report help tab. Implemented tab that displays short description of the opened report
    • Html Export improved. Short help card added at the bottom of the exported report. This can be turned off in program Options
    • Minor UI improvements
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  • Deep Log Analyzer version 2.2 released

    Jan 12, 2005

    • Improved support for international search phrases
    • Compact and Repair Database feature has been added. It reduces project database size substantially and allows you to import more logs into a project
    • Minor changes:
      • By default Export List html files are saved in My Documents\My Reports folder. Program also remembers last folder selected for Export List html report.
      • Improved handling of situations when importing large log files
      • Long file names are truncated in General Stats report for better look
      • “What’s this?” help added to Export List window
      • DLA now supports longer URLs in log file. Option “Retain URL parameters from the list” works with queries longer than 255 chars. But final URL with dropped URL parameters still can not exceed 255 characters.
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  • Deep Log Analyzer 2.1 released

    Dec 4, 2004

    • Export list functionality improved
    • Updated Sample Project
    • Setup will download and install latest MS Jet Service Pack if required
    • Minor improvements and bug fixes
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  • Deep Log Analyzer version 2.0 major update

    Nov 12, 2004

    • Full help system has been designed and included in this release
    • Export list of reports to one complex framed html report (Pro edition only)
    • New Options window with the following settings:
      • Open last project on program startup
      • Restore opened reports when loading project
      • Pause logs import after specified number of errors
      • Number of rows for html export and print
      • Width in pixels of html-report
    • Two separate Standard and Professional editions are now available. Free trial version includes all features of Professional edition
    • New “smart docking” user interface for docking control panels
    • Longer list of standard date ranges that can be selected in combo box in calendar bar
    • Other improvements and bug fixes
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